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Despicable Me Plush Toy + Unicorn

Monday, February 18, 2013

Hi guys, anyone looking for Despicable Me Plush Toy + Unicorn ? Find me :D Im selling them..

Contact: 014-9995518 (Ginny) LINE or WHATSAPP for more info are available :)
I been posted at lowyat before with my old number (016-5337246) before :)

Despicable Me Plush Toy (Real Photo)

Unicorn Plush Toy (Real Photo)

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Friday, January 28, 2011

I received a call from Jasmine Magazine on Monday, was surprised I won a prize from the contest. =>
seems need to pay RM15 for the pastage,
then Thursday I get the parcel already.=)

Those skin care products worth RM270 @.@ (as the magazine wrote)
last time I still thinking want to buy skin care during chinese new year, but now, no need already~cause I GOT IT =D

I received a call from Jasmine Magazine on Monday, was surprised I won a prize from the contest. =>
seems need to pay RM15 for the pastage,
then Thursday I get the parcel already.=)

Those skin care products(MagicBoo) worth RM270 @.@ (as the magazine wrote)
last time I still thinking want to buy skin care during chinese new year, but now, no need already~cause I GOT IT =D

5 only~


♥Baked by Kek >> 4:03 PM

My 19th Birthday^^

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

TODAY 20/1/11, only realise I forgotten to update my 19th birthday post~ last time I simply typed it and save as "Draft".

OK, time to let me recall back and update it=)

Before the day I birthday, JOGOYA =D
busy with eating.. less capture photo~~
lets show me and my dear's picture. paiseh..



UNIQLO's jacket from aunty, thank you.=D

12am sharp, my dear gave me a big surprice~

made it as simple video clip~ love it. Swarovski necklace

He planned whole day on my big day. Eh, is half day, because I having class on that day, TUESDAY. T^T
Thanks a lot.dear

My gong zai =P like it too~
not BIG KITTY HEAD >< (a secret, I like only kitty 'head' the MOST, haha)

me me......

I really happy on that day.
Another happy for my dear is....he get his RAZER MAMBA too =D

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Saturday, September 04, 2010


也很懒update它 xD



♥Baked by Kek >> 12:08 AM


Monday, May 24, 2010

On 21 MAY. 1 day after 520.

Heading to Klang? Shah Alam? on 6pm,
+ eat dinner (bak kut teh) which famous at Klang.
Reached I-City on 9pm, w0w.. need 3 HOURS.
jam-ing + quite far from setapak.

When going reach there, I was shocked, really so beautiful view, but so many ppl =.=
and 1 thing is, when i captured the 2nd photo.. my camera screen shown "LOW BATTERY"
GOOD =/ because I never charge it long time ago. but why i dont charge it before i went? XD

but at last, my dear's memory card fulled, so change mine, haix. lastly can take some photos la...wuwu T__T

Here's in the snow world (inside aircon)
I only have chance to take these before we go back =p that time get in the snow world around 10PM++ , back on 12am+.







I love this

*maybe find a day go again >< coz some store haven open yet?

maybe will upload more, get from my dear 1st, heeS

♥Baked by Kek >> 11:07 PM


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My dear so geng, he PASSed his insurans exam today~
but in the morning, i over slept and didnt wake up early accompany him~~sorry o~
like not a good gf s=
He went to KL this morning to take the exam on 12PM, and I wake at 11.40am =(
and give some support to my dear..
hehe =X

In the night, (just now), he told me he need go to hospital, @@
I just shocked. GO FOR WHAT??
then he said for injection @@. what else o?
oo......is go for H1N1 injection....
sniff~~~~~~ i thought any bad thing happened=.=


I care u okay??

♥Baked by Kek >> 7:04 PM

Miss my dear so much~~

Thursday, May 06, 2010

I miss him~~
i'm feel so sweet with him now..but not everyday XP
sometimes argue with some problem...but normal for every couple ba??

I feel sweet while we're chatting, even in msn..
maybe my mood is so nice today?@@
feel want to treat him more nice~give him more sweet feeling..


♥Baked by Kek >> 10:02 PM



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